?? Oregon Powersharp Chainsaw Chain Shapening System

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Powersharp Sharpening System - Sharpening Mode
PowerSharp® is an easy to use, precision sharpening system that gives chain saw users the power to sharpen their own chain in a matter of seconds with a simple attachment.
  • Fast. From dull to sharp in as little as 3 seconds.
  • Easy. Only three steps to faster, easier cutting.
  • Portable. Bar-mount sharpener is lightweight,
    durable, and highly visible.
  • Precise. Exact alignment between cutter and honing
    surface for perfect angles and knife-sharp edges.
  • Tough. PowerSharp® chain is as durable and hard-working as other Oregon® 3/8” pitch, low-profile chain.

Powersharp case opened showing sharpening stone

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes PowerSharp® saw chain different? The PowerSharp® saw chain has 3 key features that make it different from all other saw chain. First, the cutters are top sharpening, making it possible to sharpen them with a simple attachment. Second, a diamond-coated dresser link “dresses” the sharpening stone, resurfacing it for optimum honing angles. Finally, the cutters work together with the depth gauges and guidance drive links to stabilize the cutter as it contacts the stone, ensuring a consistent edge across the entire cutting surface.

How long does it take to sharpen a chain with the PowerSharp® system? It takes as little as 3 seconds to sharpen the chain, although extreme dulling may require more sharpening. Sharpen for 3-5 seconds, then make a test cut. Repeat sharpening if necessary.

How many times can I sharpen the chain? The PowerSharp® saw chain can be sharpened 5 to 15 times, depending on conditions.

How long will the chain last? Powersharp®, like other OREGON® 3/8’’ pitch, low-profile chain, delivers outstanding cutting speed and chain life.

Can I sharpen the chain manually? No. The PowerSharp® chain can only be sharpened with the bar-mount attachment. But why spend hours sharpening saw chain manually when you can do it in seconds with the PowerSharp® bar-mount sharpener?

Can I use the bar-mount sharpener on other chains? No. Never attempt to sharpen other chains with the PowerSharp® bar-mount sharpener. Damage to the chain and sharpener will occur.

How do I know if my saw chain is dull? A sharp chain will cut large-size chips; a chain that is dull will create sawdust. It's time to sharpen when you're having to push on the chain saw or the chain saw is no longer self-feeding.

How do I set the depth gauges (riders)? In addition to sharpening the cutters, the sharpening stone grinds down the depth gauges to the correct height.

Do I need special bar and chain oil? Standard bar and chain oil is fine for the PowerSharp® system. We recommend OREGON® bar and chain oil, designed for all brands of chain saws. Formulated specifically for demanding chain saw applications, this oil protects your cutting system from excessive friction damage.

How often do I need to replace the stone? Replace the sharpening stone with every new saw chain. The two are packaged together to make it easier to remember to replace both at the same time.