Core Gasless Trimmer added to Nord Outdoor Power Battery Powered Lineup

Saturday, May 05, 2012

At Nord Outdoor Power, we strive to bring our customers a fantastic selection of the best products in the outdoor power equipment industry.  We look to new products that offer value and performance to enhance our customers ability to maintain their outdoor world.  We have seen a revolution over the last few years in the area of battery powered equipment.  New products have come to market that not only provide outstanding performance for the homeowners, but have broken into the commercial market with higher qualities of construction combined with significant advances in battery performance.

We are proud to announce the addition of the CORE Gasless Trimmer to our lineup of quality battery powered equipment.  Battery powered equipment allows you to operate at almost all hours of the day without disturbing your neighbors.  There is no more gasoline or other fuels to deal with and maintenance is reduced to an absolute minimum.  We look forward to having you stop by and see our selection and see how this new CORE Trimmer fits into your outdoor maintenance tool rack!  Here are some details:

The CGT400 Trimmer is reliable, lightweight and will run just as long as a tank of gas. It’s perfectly balanced and features an instant trigger start, high-energy power cell, dual-mode controls for torque and speed, open view grass guard and a comfort grip handle. This lightweight, long life, virtually maintenance free CGT400 Trimmer will retail at a price comparable with high quality commercial gasoline trimmers on the market today.

Weight (without Power Cell): 8 pounds
Weight (with Power Cell):
11 pounds
Run Time:
Up to 70 minutes
Head Speed
: 7,000 RPM Speed /5,000 RPM Torque
Head Type:
Dual Line Bump Feed
Trimmer Line:
0.095 diameter, 20’ on spool

Lincoln Jore and Matt Jore came up with the idea of eliminating the wire windings and iron laminations used in conventional motors by embedding copper-etched conductors into a multi-layered printed circuit board to form a stator that works in conjunction with permanent magnets to produce torque in a new type of ironless and wireless motor. 
They created a special pattern of conductive material, laid out on individual layers of conductive material, and laminated and interconnected to each other to form an efficient, compact, and powerful stator. 

After six years of development by the Jores and Core Motion, Inc., the technology is now being referred to as CORE™ (Conductor Optimized Rotary Energy).  With the highest energy factor per weight of any existing motor or engine, and one-third to one-fifth the size and use of raw materials, CORE™ Technology is designed to replace existing conventional motion devices, motors, and engines.  The process for manufacturing a CORE™ stator is the same well-known and mature process used in the construction of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and is, as such, a very reliable and cost-effective production process.

Driven largely by the tremendous growth of the computer industry over the past thirty years, PCB manufacturing has evolved into one of the most mature and reliable methods of manufacturing.  The proprietary CORE™ stator design allows for elimination of wires and is at the center of a portfolio of very unique and broad patent claims.  Core Motion, Inc. has been issued patents, based on US Patent No. 7,109,625, in thirty-two countries covering broad claims relating to the CORE™ technology and several new patents on improvements are pending.

In most states, emissions standards, such as those set in California, have been adopted and are seriously challenging manufacturers of gasoline engine-powered products.  As a completely gas-free system, CORE™ technology provides the unique ability to exceed these noise, efficiency, and emission standards without increasing costs and without sacrificing performance.  

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