2007 Kubota F2880 Front Mower (4WD)

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F2880 Front Mower (4WD)


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A 28HP 3 Cylinder Kubota diesel engine powers the 60" pro cut deck and 4x4 driveline making this the ultimate cutting machine. The unit was traded in by a local property owner who maintains his equipment exceptionally well. Call Nick with any questions or to schedule a time to come drive this machine!


  • Fabricated Mower Decks - 60 in./72 in. side and rear discharge decks constructed of heavy 7-gauge steel for greater durability; hydraulic deck lift; 5.5 in. deep deck design, cuts 1 in.- 5 in. in 1/4 in. increments; swivel anti-scalp wheels assist in preventing turf damage. Optional mulching kits available for all decks. Side discharge decks also available with optional Fine Cut baffle kit.
  • Halogen Headlight - Bright halogen headlight throws more light onto the work area; allowing one to work with greater efficiency in low-light and nighttime situations. Optional ROPS mounted worklight kit is also available.
  • Deluxe Suspension Seat - Deluxe suspension seat with four separate adjustments--weight control, lumbar support, back angle, and arm rests, provide every operator with a custom fit and optimum comfort.
  • Larger Operator's Platform - Larger operator's platform provides an additional 4 in. of leg room (compared to F60 Series) to maximize operator comfort during long hours of operation.
  • Single Pedal HST Transmission - Enjoy quick response and easy operation with the hydrostatic transmission. Direction changes are easy with the single-pedal design. Its high-low range provides you with simplicity. Infinitely variable speed selections range up to 12.5 mph (forward) and 6.8 mph (reverse).
  • Multi-V-belt/Steel Pulleys - Heavy-duty cast-iron pulleys and multi-V-belt drive system provide greater wear resistance and effectively distributes and reduces tension while transmitting power to the mower blades.
  • Hi-Pro3 Decks - Hi-Pro3 Side Discharge Decks are actually 3 decks in 1 with optional kits: Standard Cut 1: The deck is engineered to cut and discharge grass quickly. Fine Cut 2 (optional kit): Easy to install baffle kit on standard deck provides a more manicured finish; a finer cut with smaller clippings. Mulch Cut 3 (optional kit): Easy to install mulching kit produces an even finer mulch and sends it back into the turf.
  • Toolbox - Conveniently located under the seat, the tool box provides storage for your tools or operator's manual.
  • Hydraulic Deck Lift - Hyraulic deck lift and ergonomically placed operator levers; high/low speed lever and PTO start/stop lever.
  • Large Capacity Fuel Tank - A larger, 16.1 gallon fuel tank not only keeps you working longer between fuel stops, it also reduces the number of stops needed to complete long jobs.
  • Kubota Diesel Engines - Powerful Kubota diesel engines mean faster, more efficient job performance. F2880E/F2880 include 28 hp while the F3680 includes 36 hp. Their high torque rise ensures faster, smoother recovery under sudden loading and they're environmentally and economically efficient, with low vibration and noise levels.
  • Full-open Hood design - A one-touch, direct lift design, fully opens the hood, allowing the operator to perform timely inspection or maintenance within the engine compartment very easily.
  • Integrated Radiator Screen - Integrated radiator screen expands the size and effectiveness of the air intake port. Compact design of the engine compartment also provides smoother airflow with superior cooling efficiency.
  • Tilt Deck - All mower decks tilt a full 90 degrees, providing unobstructed access to the blades and deck underside for easier cleaning and maintenance. The larger 72" decks also include a lift-assist mechanism to make the process of tilting the deck that much easier.
  • Tilt-Wheel Power Steering - Hydrostatic power steering reduces operator fatigue and makes it easier to mow around trees and other obstacles. The tilt steering wheel can be quickly adjusted for optimum operator comfort.
  • Dual Element Air Cleaner - The dual-element air cleaner helps keep the engine running smoothly and efficiently. Only the outer filter needs to be replaced-the inner filter can be cleaned with a blower, helping to reduce maintenance costs. F3680 is also equipped with a choke indicator that turns red when the filter needs cleaning or replacement.
  • Increased Lifting Capacity - A 40 percent increase in lifting capacity (versus the F60 series) provides versatility to handle an array of quick-attach implements, including a snow blower, rotary sweeper, debris blower, and utility blade.
  • Auto-assist 4WD with Dual Acting Overrunning Clutch - When you need a powerful 4WD mower that also treads gently on lawns during turns, look to Kubota's F-series. Kubota's Auto-assist 4WD works not only in forward and reverse, it also automatically controls wheel drive loads during turns, allowing you to take frequent turns with greater efficiency and ease, and not tear up the turf in the process. Full-time 4WD can also be engaged. (F2880, F3680 models).
  • Reverse Air Cooling - Fresh, cool air is drawn into the front of the engine compartment and discharged through the rear, preventing hot air from blowing on the operator.
  • Electric Fuel Gauge - No more guessing how much fuel remains in the tank. An electric fuel gauge makes fuel level monitoring as easy as a quick glace at the front panel.
  • Larger Tires - The four tires are larger and have more tread (compared to F60 series). This provides greater stability and maneuverability on slopes, better flotation, and less ground compaction (F2880, F3680 models).
  • ROPS - Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS). A quick-adjusting, foldable roll-over protective structure comes standard. It may be folded from 90-180 degrees without tools, allowing you to pass under areas with height constraints.
  • Shaft Drive Mower and Attachments - Power to the cutting blades is transferred via a drive line to the bevel gear box and then to the belt-driven spindles, giving you efficient and more dependable cutting power in all mowing conditions. Other attachments requiring PTO power are operated by a PTO shaft to provide reliable operation.
  • Model: Kubota D1105
  • Type: Liquid-cooled diesel (3 cyl)
  • Maximum horsepower HP: 28
  • Total displacement cu. In. (cm3): 68.6 (1,123)
  • Air cleaner (type): Dual element
  • Air restriction indicator: N/A
  • Alternator: 12V, 40A
  • Fuel Tank Capacity U.S. gal. (l): 16.1 (61.0)
Transmission/Drive Train
  • Type: Hydrostatic (HST) (F2/R2)
  • Traveling Speed mph (km/h): 0 - 12.5 (20) / 0 - 6.8 (11)
  • 4WD mode select: N/A
  • Steering: Hydrostatic power steering / tilt wheel
  • Turn Assist Brake: Optional
  • Cruise control: Optional
  • Brakes: Wet discs
  • Differential lock: Standard
Dimensions & Weight
  • Overall Length (tractor only) in. (mm): 94.8 (2,408)
  • Overall Width (tractor only) in. (mm): 56.4 (1,433)
  • Overall Height w/ ROPS upright in. (mm): 79.4 (2,017)
  • Weight (w/o mower deck) lbs. (kg): 1,541 (699)
  • Tire size Front: 18x9.5-8
  • Tire size Rear: 24x12-12
  • Tire tread (front/rear) in. (mm): 41.8 (1,063) / 41.1 (1,045)
  • Wheelbase in. (mm): 52.0 (1,321)
  • Ground clearance in. (mm): 7.4 (188)
Mower Mounting
  • Clutch type: Wet multi disc, hydraulic
  • PTO revolution rpm: 2,545
  • Lift system: Hydraulic, 2-point hitch
  • Deck tilt angle: 90 degrees
  • Deck tilt-assist mechanism: Standard on 72" decks
  • Weight transfer: Standard
Other Features
  • Seat: Deluxe seat w/4 adjustable controls (weight,lumbar, back angle, arm rests)
  • Fuel gauge: Electric meter
  • Tachometer: Optional
  • Tool box: Standard
  • Cup holder: Standard
  • Operator Presence Control: Standard
  • Foldable ROPS: Standard
Mower Model Specifications
  • Model: RCK72P-F36
  • Discharge: Side discharge
  • Cutting width in. (mm): 72 (1,826)
  • Cutting height in. (mm): 1 - 5 (25-127)
  • Cutting height adjustment in. (mm): Each 0.25 (6.4)
  • Deck depth in. (mm): 5.5 (140)
  • Deck pan: Welded
  • Deck thickness in. (mm): 0.18 (4.5)
  • Number of blades: 3
  • Front baffle kit (manicured finish): Optional
  • Mulching kit (mulch cut): Optional
  • Mowing rate at 7 mph: 4.3 acres/hour



Engine Manufacturer
Kubota D1105
Horse Power
28 HP
Engine Type
3-Cylinder, Liquid Cooled Diesel
1123 cc


Hydrostatic (F2/R2)
Wheel Size
Front: 18x9.5-8, Rear: 24x12-12
Fuel Capacity
16.1 gal. (61 l)


Deck Size
72 in. (1826 mm)
Discharge Type