2007 Kubota GR2100 Garden Tractor


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GR2100 Garden Tractor
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If you're looking for a great value on a all-wheel drive diesel powered unit with a 54" deck, make sure and check this unit out.


  • GLIDE STEER - Here's how our new technology works. Whenever starting a turn on either the GR2000 or GR2100, the inside rear wheel begins to track freely. Thus, enabling a tight turn while preventing damage to the turf.
  • ALL WHEEL DRIVE/TRACTION - While driving in a straight direction, the GR Series provides outstanding traction with all wheel drive. Additionally, each rear tire has an independent wheel that becomes limited inner rear wheel traction depending on the direction you turn, always allowing the inside rear wheel to track freely. This feature prevents turf damage that many standard lawn and garden tractors cause.
  • CRUISE CONTROL - Cruise control can be easily engaged by depressing the HST pedal, and setting the speed by pulling the speed-set knob. Cruise control can be disengaged by simply depressing the brake.
  • HIGH BACK SUSPENSION SEAT - The parallel link-type suspension seat provides support and comfort when mowing in rough conditions. The high back provides upper back support for reduced fatigue even after long hours on the job.
  • CUTTING HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT DIAL - Adjusting the cutting height of the mower deck is very easy with the simple dial-type design. All it takes is one convenient turn of the control from the operator's seat, adjusting 1" -4" with increments of 1/4".
  • CUP HOLDER - As an added convenience, a cup holder is included on both the GR2000 and GR 2100, permitting the operator to enjoy refreshments during operations.
  • HST PEDAL - The unique Kubota Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) requires only alight touch of the HST Pedal for smooth travel at precisely controlledspeeds.
  • WET-TYPE PTO CLUTCH - The hydraulic wet-type PTO clutch ensures outstanding durability while smoothly transmitting power. When disengaged, the PTO brake promptly stops the PTO shaft.
  • SHAFT-DRIVE TRANSMISSION AND MOWER - Both the mower and transmission are driven with a solid shaft drive that provides a smooth operation and eliminates belts and pulleys. The drive system is virtually trouble free with no belts to maintain.
  • ENHANCED DURABILITY - Every component has been designed to provide amazing durability. For exceptional strength and toughness, a 3/16th-inch, U-shaped frame has been used as the starting platform -ensuring many years of trouble-free performance.
  • FULL-FLAT OPEN OPERATOR PLATFORM - The full-flat open platform minimizes operator fatigue by offering plenty of leg room.
  • MOWER DECKS - The GR2000 and the GR2100's 48-inch and 54-inch, heavy-duty mowers have a 5-inch-deep deck to achieve a superior, professional cut.
  • HYDROSTATIC POWER STEERING - Hydrostatic Power Steering makes getting the job done so easy that operator fatigue is minimized, even after long hours of use.
  • TURF OR BAR TIRES - Turf or bar tires are available on the GR Series. Turf tires tread is designed to minimize turf/grass disturbance. Bar tires provide for improved traction, but produce more turf disturbance.
  • MULCHING KIT (Optional) - Our once piece mulching kit is easy-to-attach/detach. Makes grass clippings disappear into your grass, creating a healthier lawn.
  • SHARP TURNING - For the sharpest turn possible, both front wheels turn an incredible 70 degrees. Most lawn and garden tractors front wheels turn no more than 55 degrees.
  • HYDRAULIC MOWER LIFT SYSTEM - The GR Series is equipped with a hydraulic mower lift system that effortlessly raises and lowers the deck. The lift lever is conveniently located to the left of the operator's seat.
  • SAFETY START SYSTEM - With operator safety in mind, we've designed a safety start system that will only allow the engine to be started when the operator is seated, the parking brake engaged, the PTO is in neutral and the neutral lock is engaged. If, at any time while the engine is running you leave your seat, the engine will automatically shut down. So when the unexpected happens, you'll be protected.
  • PERFORMANCE PRO MOWER DECK - Both the 48" mower deck on the GR2000 and the 54" mower deck on the GR2100 feature a 5" deep deck design. These Performance Pro Mower Decksare built to mow in the most extreme conditions. The deep deck design allows the grass to be cut and re-cut before discharge, leaving the clippings undetectable.
  • DIESEL ENGINE (GR2100 only) - The GR2100 comes standard with a 3-cylinder 21 HP liquid-cooled Kubota Diesel Engine. The engine is performance matched and designed to powerfully respond to a broader range of user's needs.
  • GASOLINE ENGINE (GR2000 ONLY) - The GR2000 comes standard with a 2-cylinder 20 HP air-cooled Kohler Gasoline Engine. The engine is performance matched and designed to powerfully respond to a broader range of user's needs.
  • KRA (Kubota Reverse Awareness) SYSTEM - The tractor is equipped with a Kubota Reverse Awareness System to prevent the operator from attempting to mow in reverse. However, the operator may choose to override the system by depressing an override switch. A flashing warning light reminds the operator that the mow in reverse feature has been selected.
  • Model: Kubota D782
  • Type: 3 cylinders, diesel, water-cooled
  • Total displacement cu. in. (cc): 47.7 (782)
  • Gross Horsepower HP(kW): 21.0 (15.5)
  • Engine layout: Horizontal
  • Fuel tank capacity gal.(L): 4.8 (18)
  • Overall length in. (mm): 77.2 (1960)
  • Overall width (w/mowe in. (mm): 66.3 (1685)
  • Overall height in. (mm): 48.4 (1230)
  • Wheelbase in. (mm): 50.4 (1280)
  • Weight (With mower) lbs. (kg): 948 (430)
  • Front in. (mm): 32.5 (825)
  • Rear in. (mm): 31.5 (800)
Tire Size
  • Front: 16x6.5 - 8
  • Rear: 23x10.50 - 12
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Transmission drive: Shaft drive
  • Speed control: Single foot pedal
  • Traveling Speed (Forward) mph (km/h): 0 - 6.2 (0 - 10.0)
  • Traveling Speed (Reverse) mph (km/h): 0 - 3.1 (0 - 5.0)
  • Brake: Internal expanding brake
  • PTO clutch: Mechanical wet multi discs
  • Mower deck drive: U-joint shaft
  • Steering system: Glide Steer, hydrostatic power steering
  • Operator's deck: Flat
  • Seat adjustment: Slide
  • Seat suspension: Parallel linkage
  • Fuel gauge: Standard
  • Hour meter: Standard
  • Easy checker: Standard
  • Mower OPC.: Standard
  • Travel OPC.: Standard
  • Blade shut off brake: Mechanical wet multi discs
Mower Specifications
  • Cutting Width in. (mm): 54 (1372)
  • Mower blade drive: Shaft drive
  • Lifting device: Hydraulic
  • Mower mounting method: Parallel linkage
  • Cutting height in. (mm): 1.0 - 4.0 (25 - 102)
  • Cutting height adjustment: Dial
  • Cutting height increments in.: 1/4
  • Number of blades: 3
  • Direction of Discharge: Right side
  • Mower deck ground clearnace in. (mm): 5.5 (140)



Engine Manufacturer
Kubota D782
Horse Power
21 HP
Engine Type
3-Cylinder, Diesel, Water-Cooled
782 cc


Hydrostatic Transmission
Wheel Size
Front 16x6.5-8, Rear: 23x10.50-12
Fuel Capacity
4.8 gal. (18 l)


Deck Size
54 in.
Discharge Type